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February 19, 2008


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isn't coke made with sugar *so* much tastier? I rarely drink soda here, and feel politically rebellious drinking coke products in latin america ... but a bottle every once in a while is an international guilty pleasure for me!


heheheh c - I've held out on buying any since markets sell this cold, sugary rooibos tea drink I like but the caretaker at Umbilo Temple today served us some Coke and I have to say - it was really good. Especially since it was so hot today.

There is a soda pop shop in LA called Galco's that I would love to go to because you could find lots of different sodas you never heard of from around the world but also I would buy Dr. Pepper in a bottle made from cane sugar. So much better.


Seriously... you're making me miss PNG junk food. Honestly, though, I think every time I read your blog it reminds me of something or makes me miss something...

a fat chemist

Artificial but "nature identical" probably refers to the use of limonene. This compound is naturally found in pine tar and the rinds of citrus fruits. It is an intermediate in the industrial scale synthesis of a number of compounds called 'terpenes' that are widely used in the fragrance industry. As a result, they probably used a source that is made synthetically (probably from geranyl pyrophosphate), rather than extracting it from the fruit.

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