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February 15, 2008


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wonerful art


HI. Interesting coincidence. Big weekend out this way. So it’s about that time when prospectives come to see what’s shakin’ out here. We’ve spent the weekend having a good time with one of them who’s from LA and studies South Africa (wants to work w/ AB on colonial masculinities). He was telling me about his 6 months in Pietermaritzburg and how wonderful it was - though he too was robbed.he mentioned some of the landmarks you’ve posted right here. He told me about its status as ‘the last out post of the British Empire’ along with some interesting tie-ins to both Mandela and Gandhi. Anyhoo, i thought of you and told’em you were out that way. If he comes, you’ll have to chew the fat. Hope you’re well. looks like all’s shaping up nicely sans some glitches. Fun reading mdub, fun reading.

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