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February 17, 2008


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Having visited several Hindu temples throughout SE Asia, I could really relate to this. I find it fascinating to hear Mr. Maharaj's thoughts on youth culture and change. I can't really think of any Western religious organization that understands and (dare I say?) embraces change as a natural part of existence. Really powerful stuff...

Nash Subrayn

Please can you send me more pics of the temple

Merle OBrien

I am a South African-born Odissi danceuse persuing my PhD at the University of Cape Town and I am presently living and studying in Orissa - I am trying to locate Oriya culture in South Africa, i.e. from India's eastern state of Orissa - home of Jagganath Temple in Puri - and Sun Temple of Konark - where Lord Jagganath is the presciding deity of our Odissi dance. Jai Jagganath. Merle O'Brien

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