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March 03, 2008


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Rock on, man! It's like being a detective and finding a vital clue that ties your whole case together - I can totally understand your excitement :) Good luck on your writing!


Heheheh so all of that Bloodhound Gang (from 3-2-1 Contact) and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego sleuthing finally paid off eh?


Lol you know, I never thought of the Bloodhound Gang connection! But yeah... Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was the shit! I always felt awesome when I solved the mystery before those little bitch ass kids on the TV show...

Kim O'Neill

As important as the chance to utilize skills developed from Carmen San Diego, it's inspiring to find concrete verification of a phenomenon that scholars seem always to point out but rarely to explore: yes, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bantu Authority developed policies under different sets of local circumstances, but racialization and cultural fetishism are global processes that have resonance all over the world. Even when not articulated explicitly (though luckily for you in this case it was), here's evidence that precedent can be powerful and policy can be appropriated.

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